Google Maps Extension: North American Leagues (2017)


One of the more annoying things about hockey is finding different team's rinks. Sure, you learn them after a few years, but the information from Google isn't always right and sometimes you end up going off a sheet of paper with a list of addresses like we originally had.

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Using a Google MyMaps Extension, I placed the team logo over their respective area for all the teams in our league. It made it much easier to visualize the divisions and where teams were located.

I eventually did this for the OHL, the CHL, the NCAA, the ECHL, the AHL and the NHL. Once I could scroll with my hand through the world and look where teams were placed I was really motivated to expand the feature.

It's extremely satisfying to have all the pro league rink locations marked on your Google Maps app by logo, and I found myself jumping into the app to learn more about different teams and their locations.