Dave Whiffen

Game Designer
Toronto, Canada.

416 996 8183



Bio Below!


Dave originally taught himself
to write code at the age of nine.

After also teaching himself Web Design and Flash Animation , Dave built Gamelovers.ca, a gaming website.

His friends and him spent years making animated movies, comics, and making Games.

By 2004, Gamelovers had recieved over 200,000 unique visitors.

Dave had also brought in a staff of a dozen artists, who also produced content for the website.


By 2007, Dave started learning about directing live action videos.

After several years of producing and editing freelance projects, Dave wrote and produced his own feature length film, called 'Singularity'.

The film premiered in 2010 at his local school theater, and all proceeds were donated to the ‘HOPE’ charity.


In 2010, Dave was accepted to Ryerson University’s Radio and Television (Media Production) program.

Dave majored in EFP Film and Television Broadcast, and won two awards for his projects.

He won 'Best First Year Film' for 'Time and Again', and 'Best Practicum' for 'Hunting Season.

Dave graduated in 2015.

In 2014, Dave earned an internship with CBC and
Hockey Night in Canada
through Ryerson.

Dave worked as a Program Assistant,
shot-listing video, editing segments, and conducting research for the broadcast.


In 2013, Dave was hired as Statistician for the Ryerson University Men’s Hockey Team, working under head coach Graham Wise.

Over seven seasons, Dave has built his own video and analytics systems for the team from the ground up.

Dave has developed:
Team Applications,
Puck Possession Applications,
Ice-time Applications,
Video Coaching-Specific Applications,
Pre-Scout Applications.

Dave currently works as Ryerson's Video Coach.


In the summers, Dave works as a Carpenter for One York Construction in Toronto.

He's spent his last 9 summers working in various construction, landscaping, and carpenter positions.


In September 2019, Dave went back to school for a Post Graduate Certificate in Game Design at George Brown.

He graduated in August 2020, and now works as Game Director on Rise and Fall.