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Rise & Fall (2020)

Early Access Release Date: Summer 2020

Role: Game Director

Description: A 4 person couch co-op sports game.

Two teams battle to score the ball into the other team's net.
Players use their unique abilities to shrink and grow.

Destiny 2: Sacrion's Demise
(Fan Level) (2020)

Release Date: Work in Progress (Personal Project)

Role: Level Designer, Mission Designer

Description: Sacrion, a Vex Mind, is mining into Rasputin's defense systems on Io.

With Zavala and Ana on Comms, you'll dive deep into Rasputin's bunker to defeat an ancient foe.

The mission plays in darkness, and you'll use your flashlight and light-based abilities to defeat enemies.

Overkart (2020)

Release Date: Fall 2020

Role: Lead Level Designer & Creative Director

Description: A racing game with class-based combat,
destructible environments, and alternate routes.

Office Birthday Party (2019)

Release Date: TBA (Game Jam)

Role: Level Designer & UI

Description: An office-based puzzle game where you avoid other people.

As a new hire at Acme Co, you are overflowed with work.

The only way you'll finish your tasks on time is if you avoid your co-workers.

You don't want to get dragged to the Office Birthday Party.