Projects: Office Birthday Party (2019)

Gameplay Breakdown

A moment-to-moment breakdown of design decisions in the level.

This project was made as a Game Jam in class.

This was made over the course of 3 weeks, back in September 2019.

#1 Tutorial Level

The level opens with you indicated with a Green Pointer at the top left of the screen.

The camera always shows the entire level from above.

This first room is a safe room, and enemies cannot go in here.

#2 Your Office

You begin in your office and are tasked with fixing the computer down the hall.

It's marked on your HUD, and the computer glows yellow.

#3 Fixing the Computer

Walking by the computer will prompt you to hold A to fix it.

A blue circle will fill up, showing your progress.

#4 Plants

Walking by a plant will prompt you to hide in it with A.

You can hide in planters as long as you want to avoid being seeing.

#5 The Lunchroom

The 2nd Objective will be the fire hydrant in the snack room at the lower area of the map.

There will be co-workers walking by, and you'll want to time yourself accordingly.

#6 Your Co-Workers

Your co-workers are moving around the office and looking to tell people about the Office Birthday Party.

Since you are a new hire with too much work to do, you must avoid them at all costs.

Getting seen will have them chase you, and it is possible to have them lose your trail.

#7 Movable Boxes

Since the company just moved in, packaging boxes are all over the place.

They can be pushed and used as cover.

In the case of the lunchroom, this box will block sight of a co-worker while you fix the hydrant.

#8 Coat Racks

Coat Racks can be pushed and knocked over pretty easily.

Knocking them down creates an obstacle for co-workers to get around.

Get creative and push them in front of doorways, hallways, or wherever you need them.

#9 Lamps

Lamps are also movable, but make more noise.

Knocking them down will make a loud noise, and a co-worker will come to stand it back up.

Lamps can also be turned on and off. Use the darkness as cover.

#10 Doors

Doors open automatically by proximity.

They make a noise, and will alert co-workers within range.

#11 Objective 3: Server Repair

This objective requires some timing to get to.

There is a co-worker with a large vision cone nearby, but he move quite slowly and doesn't turn around often.

On this level, co-workers patrol a set path. Use it to your advantage.

#12 Objective 4: Office Repair

This objective isn't too far away, but you have to worry about 2 co-workers this time.

Once you're inside the room, you won't have to worry about co-workers seeing you until you leave.

#13 By the 2 Seats

This area is a lot more open, with several angles to be seen.

You'll want to time your repair between 3 different co-workers.

Luckily, you have the column and chairs blocking line of sight, as well as a door to quickly escape through.

#14 By the Beginning

Luckily this server is in it's own room.

That being said, the hallway is fairly open with only a plant to hide in on the way.

#15 Back by the Lunchroom

This Server is right by the earlier office.

Depending on where co-workers are, you'll need to move around a few pieces of furniture to get back.

#16 The Bottom Left Office

This server is in the bottom left office, and a co-worker often walks in.

The plant outside the door is a good hiding place to wait.

#17 In A Busy Office

Up in the top right, this objective is tougher to reach.

Two co-workers patrol this area on a smaller patrol route, so you'll need to be quick.

Knocking down the coat rack can buy you a few extra seconds.

#18 By the Break Room

This objective doesn't have much cover, save for the planter.

The top right co-worker often walks by. You'll want to be sure you take a route he isn't currently taking.

#19 Back Server

This objective is in a mostly open long hallway with a co-worker on constant patrol.

Timing your route and using the pillar to stay hidden is a good way.

#20 Final Objective

The Final Objective is right in the break room.

Two co-workers can see this spot, but there is a planter close by.

#21 Level Complete

After completing 10 objectives, the elevator is now open.

It will take you home safely for the day.

You are rewarded by spending your evening watching Netflix alone.

Thanks for Reading!

Thanks for reading.

This was the first game we made as a Game Jam back in September.

We wanted to create a stealth game with some light-hearted humour.

You can play the game on Github if you'd like.