Rams Hockey App:
Current Build (2019)

Designer, Programmer

This is the current 2019 build of the Rams Hockey app. It's gone through a lot of updates, but we're pretty happy with it where it's at.

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The home screen shows all the important information at a glance.

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We see a mini-calendar, showing the week at a glance. Okay, games on Thursday and Saturday, as always. Practice on Monday, optional praccy Tuesday, and Special Teams practice Wednesday. Sample project image

I can quickly jump and look at a visual calendar, which shows me the year's schedule in a compact and visual format.

Home games are coloured blue, with road games in black. Team logos are placed over the days we play that team.

So I can already see with January that we have a busy month. Two homes games the first weekend, then two weekends on the road, incuding a trip to Lakehead the second week.

I can jump to previous months and see our results visually, and I can tap a game to jump right to watching video of that game.

I've also got a quick link to print my calendar, so I can put them up on the wall, and with another click I can open the live iCal calendar that integrates into my Calendar app on all devices.

So if a game changes time, as soon as the coaches make a change, I get notified and it's in the system. No missed practices or showing up late to games that were re-scheduled for earlier.

And iCal also sends me push notifications alerting me when to leave based on my current location.

It takes the chore or reading bulky schedules and makes it a better experience.
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Now back to the main window. Access to all video and analytics are one click away from the main menu, so I'm not looking around for those link locations through my email each time I want to check. They're just right there.

The contacts section has all the phone and email information of the team inputted, so I can get a hold of a player if I need to.

The app opens Messages and Mail automatically, so I don't have to manually enter everyone's information.

I can also download everyone's contact information, the entire team's contact list, to my phone and iCloud account with a single click.

All staff are listed with their phone numbers as well, and if they have an office in the building, that office # is listed as well.

If I'm a brand new player to the team, I don't need a backpack full of documents and sheets for all the important team information.

It's all contained in the Rams Hockey app.

Now as an additional feature, the Training Tools tab has a collection of various tools that I can learn more about.

It's also got links to Municipal Parking apps, Presto apps, GoTransit apps, and TTC transit apps, so I can have everything downloaded as I adapt to living in the city.

The team website is also linked into the app if I ever want to jump to it quickly.

Now in the League tab, all the important league-related information is stored here.

I can quickly jump to scores across every major league, or check on the league-wide standings.

There's also links to watch Live video of games, which brings links from several streaming websites together, as well as a Leaders tab and a teams directory.

The world map add every professional hockey team's rink to my Google Maps app, for both North America and Europe.

There's also a link to the depth charts of teams we pre-scout.

So overall, the Rams Hockey app takes all the digital elements of our team: the calendars, the schedules, the contacts, the pre-scouts, and puts them all in one place that's simple and easy to use.