Timeline Concept
Rough Build (2016)

Designer, Programmer

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Annoyed by the outdated nature of hockey player stat boxes, I built a rough build of a system that would fix the most annoying problems of reading large pages of boxed stats for players.

They're not pretty, the boxes blend together, and it's easy to lose your place when looking at a lot of data.

I realized that the best way to display and communicate a player's progress over multiple years was to present it in a horizontal 'timeline view'.

That way, you can easily get an idea of a player's career in a few seconds without the risk of mis-reading.

Team logos and points are communicated clearly, so if you got traded mis-season, that is shown clearly on your timeline, and it doesn't look like you had a 20 goal season and a 15 goal season when you really had a 35 goal season.